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FPWC implemented the B&B project in Urtsadzor in in 2014.
Socially disadvanteged single mothers and women in vulnerable living conditions were especially encouraged and supported to become B&B hosts as by running a B&B they can be empowered to improve their social status as well as their living conditions.
The hosts receive training in English language lessons and hospitality courses to prepare for foreign tourists. Their houses (bathroom, bedroom and partly halls) were renovated and equipped with solar panels to provide access to hot water.
The amount which is flowing back from the B&Bs and the Eco Lodge is invested by FPWC for nature conservation and wildlife preservation.
Currently there are three functional B&Bs in Urtsadzor which enable the host families are enabled to gain additional income.

Laura’s B&B

Laura lives with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter. She loves hosting people from around the world and takes pride in introducing her native Urtsadzor to her guests. She is famous for her homemade jams and grape moonshine.

Gor’s B&B

Gor is the chief ranger at the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge and knows the area like the back of his hand. His wife and three kids love hosting tourists and showing them around Urtsadzor. Make sure to try Gor’s wife’s Harissa.

Heriknaz’s B&B

Heriqnaz and her daughters are very hospitable and love to cook for their guests. Heriqnaz’s staple foods are dolma, mushroom pilaf and salad made of the greens from her own garden. She is always ready to share her special recipes and organize a cooking class for the gourmands.