Eco Lodge in Caucasus Wildlife Refuge

The Eco-Lodge was our first tourist accommodation we constructed in the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CRW) in 2013. Since then the space has been used to host a number of important gatherings from small meetings, conferences, workshops, trainings, yoga, and other events. The big common area in the Eco-Lodge can be used for several purposes, just contact us and we can determine how your escape from the city will look like! The accommodations you find elsewhere may be more accessible but will not give you the sense of wonderment or connection with nature that you will experience after just a single night in the Eco-Lodge. This eco-friendly building was built from recycled containers and is equipped with solar panels, locally-drawn water, and waste-treatment conducted with our personal water system. The sustainability and conservation goals that we have for our organization are realized not just through the projects or activities we work hard on but also through the special facilities we have built with these important goals in mind.

In the Eco-Lodge we can offer 4 spacious rooms, with a maximum number of 10 guests. There are 2 Double Rooms, 1 Twin Room, 1 Bunk Room, and 2 Shared bathrooms and toilets. The kitchen is fully equipped with all new appliances and the common room can be used for hosting events with a capacity of 20 people. We can also provide 2 spacious cocklofts that can accommodate up to 15 guests, sleeping bags available at an additional fee. Your meals will be cooked by local women from the Urtsadzor community who will show you how delicious traditional, organic Armenian food can be. You will have free WiFi for your entire stay, so you can continue to be connected with your close ones, though we hope by the end of your time with us, everyone you meet will feel as close as family and friends.

In the evenings, you can sip our brand of Holani tea in peace as you look up at the stars, visible far away from the light pollution that usually blocks out the stars from the cities. In the mornings, you will be able to see the Bezoar Goats scaling up the cliffsides not far from the Eco-Lodge, and if you’re lucky maybe even a larger apex predator. It is important to understand that your stay with us will not just be a normal vacation, at all time you will be neighbors with the endemic wildlife in the region. You can book this trip with us knowing that your stay will directly benefit the wildlife in Armenia, who are supported by FPWC’s conservation goals and numerous projects just like this one.