Who’s involved?

You, a traveler to Armenia. You’re ready to have an experience found nowhere else, rejuvenate in nature and contribute to the places you visit.

Rural Armenians. Witty and colorful, rural Armenians live amidst the nature that has sustained our people for 6000 years. But in a depressed economy and with a grim outlook for the future, many locals are leaving for new countries.

Armenian nature. We’re small and hard to reach, yet we have five unique vegetation zones, 3500 plant species, 316 endemic animals, 349 bird species, and 300 endangered animal species like the Caucasian Leopard and the Armenian Mouflon. Conservation International named us as a World Biodiversity Hotspot, but human activity and climate change are threatening these natural treasures.

Us, SunChild EcoTours and our parent organization, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Culture (FPWC). The FPWC works with rural Armenians, students and policy makers to build respectful relationships between people, nature and cultural heritage while managing the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR). The FPWC founded SunChild EcoTours to include tourists  in our movement, create economic opportunities  for rural Armenians, and to build a fair and sustainable tourism niche in Armenia.

What does SunChild do for you  and Armenia?

We’re called SunChild because our ancestors’ relationship with the Sun was their most important connection to the natural world. As their children and children of the Sun, we illuminate Armenia’s treasures for visitors, shine a light on the threats to our nature and rural people, and a show a path towards a better way to live.

With us, you’ll get your hands sticky with ripe mulberries and apricots. You’ll collect fresh mountain thyme and make your own Armenian tea.  You’ll visit talented artists, swim in lakes, meditate to the sound of the duduk, eat at farmers’ tables, scale mountains, dance to the Armenian zurna, and discover ancient ruins.

You’ll stay with welcoming hosts in comfortable, clean lodging and eat authentic Armenian meals sourced directly from the countryside. You’ll have experiences found nowhere else while directly supporting rural Armenian livelihoods and nature conservation.

10% of our tours’ cost goes directly to FPWC development projects in the Ararat province and their Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR). Nearly all our food comes from rural Armenians, and nearly all lodging is provided by villagers with few other sources of income.

What will I do in Armenia with SunChild EcoTours?

With us, you’ll adventure, rejuvenate and contribute to Armenia all at the same time through any of these options:

  • Personalized tours and retreats – we’d love to organize an unforgettable trip for you that centers on your special interests. We’d also love to welcome you to our lodge at the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge (CWR) for relaxation, hiking, yoga sessions, horseback riding, Armenian barbecue and other activities for you and your friends and family.
  • Hidden Treasures – we’re artists, conservationists and historians and we know a ton about Armenia’s hidden phenomenons. We’d love to take you below the surface to Yerevan’s pulpulaks, the remnants of the Armenia’s Soviet-era, secretly incredible artists and musicians, and other places, people and stories conventional tours don’t offer.
  • Nature Excursions – by horse, jeep, bike, or on foot, you’ll experience the best of Armenia’s natural wealth. If you’re a birdwatcher, we’ll make sure you see as many of Armenia’s 349 bird species as possible.