Horseback riding

If you are ready for a bit of adventure, we would like to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity to ride through the mountains of CWR on our strong and friendly horses. Through ancient paths, you will discover all the spectacular sights our ancestors witnessed when they crossed in the same regions several centuries ago. You will be taken into secret spots in the mountains, out of reach by off-road vehicles or bikes but effortless with the help of our dependable horses. A rush of adrenaline will course through your body as the wind hits your face and you breathe in the fresh, clean alpine air. These steeds will give you an intimate understanding of the incredible relationship between animals and humans and allow you to become one with nature. Whether you are an expert rider, or it is your first time, our horses will not fail you. We will also check your horse-riding skills and give you a short training if necessary.


AMD 7,000 – per 30 min/horse

AMD 10,000 – 1 hour/ horse

AMD 20,000 – for a half day (3-4 hours)/ Horse

AMD 40,000 – for a full day including picnic lunch (6 -7 hours)/ Horse

For booking and all questions contact us