Offroad Cycling

If you are up for a challenge during your stay in Armenia, we are happy to show you a fun and exciting time with our offroad cycling tour. This tour will take you on a sight-seeing adventure on large paved roads and village tracks into six rural communities. The tour will take you by the rich Goravan Sands State Sanctuary, one of the few sand deserts left in Armenia home to a plethora of unique wild plants and animal species. We will make our way to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Armenia, the monastery of Khor Virap where St. Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned in 301. From this monastery, you will get a magnificent view of Mount Ararat. On this tour, you will not only see amazing sights, but you will also meet warm and hospitable Armenian people. We have e-bikes to supplement our regular bikes for anyone who needs extra support.


AMD 15,000 (Regular Mountain Bikes) full day/per Bike

AMD 25,000 (e-Bikes) – half day/per Bike

AMD 40,000 full day/per Bike (10+ bikes available)