349 species of birds, 18 of the 29 orders, and 58 of the 187 total bird families. Armenia is a dream vacation for any amateur birdwatcher or ornithologist. At CWR you will be able to see prairie birds such as Mongolian Finch, Trumpeter Finch, Grey-necked Bunting and different species of vultures, seabirds, water birds, and ducks. Our migratory birds come from as far as South Africa so if you are visiting during the right time of the year, our experienced bird guide will be able to point out these exquisite birds to you. While birdwatching, you will surely come across many more wildlife species endemic to Armenia as well, ensuring that your stay with us will be filled with wonderful, spirited encounters in the great outdoors.


AMD 70,000 – full day (7 hours)/per person (With an ornithologist)