Donostia City

Armenia alone has 349 species of birds, including 18 of the 29 orders and 58 of the 187 total bird families. Birds migrate here from as far as South Africa, and with an experienced guide, you’ll see many of these migratory species as well. We’ll take care to not interrupt wildlife as we silently traverse across the CWR. We will also try to see prairie birds speicies such as Mongolian Finch, Trumpeter Finch, Grey-necked Bunting, etc.

Birdwatching at the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge is an unforgettable experience of getting extremely close to nature and wildlife. Even if you don’t happen to actually see a bear or a wolf you will
definitely sense their presence, see their footprints and feel their spirit around.
Bird species that can be seen here are different species of vultures, Pygmy Cormorant, Great Crested Grebe and ducks like Ruddy Shelduck, Red-crested Pochard, etc .